Rugby Golf Club

Take Up Golf

What better time to take up golf in Rugby?

  • Great exercise, healthy, outdoors, socially distanced
  • An individual sport which has flourished despite Covid
  • New worldwide handicap scheme- play anywhere, compete on an equal footing with your own handicap 1-54 
  • Rugby Golf Club, in partnership with Leam Valley Golf Centre, can take you from beginner to golfer at your own pace
  • Chance to join in with other family members
  • At Rugby Golf Club good catering and bar with table service
  • In normal times at Rugby Golf Club lots of social events
  • At Leam Valley GC  a driving range, Par 3 course and the latest technology
  • A chance to make new friends
  • There are members at Rugby Golf Club of primary school age and golfers still playing in their 90s. It's a sport you can play all your life
  • Well stocked golf shops to meet all your needs

You may be able to learn at relatively little expense. You can take academy or other  memberships and the golfing dress code is fairly relaxed, ie smart, casual and functional.  We have an equality and diversity policy. There are short forms of the game. Golf nationally has adapted and you could be part of a huge surge of interest which has led to record numbers playing in 2020.

National Projects

At Rugby Golf Club we are particularly keen to encourage local juniors and working age women to learn to play golf and this is the focus of our immediate nationally funded project.

We also know that there is regular first time interest from women and men who are approaching retirement and we can help you to start. So, in addition to the women's project for all ages and the junior project, we are seeking interest below from senior men ( 55+) who may wish to take up golf.

If these projects are our immediate focus, we actually want to help everyone to be able to take up golf.

The best way  for most will be to give it a go at a local driving range. Leam Valley at Kites Hardwick is our RGC partner. Perhaps you may have had a go at Crazy Golf or Pitch and Putt or visited a driving range on holiday,  with a family member or friend. Maybe you have played a time or two on a Municipal or Pay and Play course.. 

Whatever your first point of entry lessons are a really good idea. Ask at Leam Valley. Or email  Rugby Golf Club. We are here to help you.

Women's Charter

Rugby Golf Club will soon be a signatory to the England Golf Women's charter. 

The charter is about encouraging more women to take up golf and to become members of golf clubs.

There are many reasons women might wish to play golf, perhaps:  family members or friends already play; it's an attractive, healthy alternative to other forms of exercise;  having enjoyed a sport at or post- school, it's a good time to start a new one; or if approaching retirement, more time has opened up 

We invite women who are interested in learning to play golf to sign up via the form below. 


Younger Golfers

It's never too early to start. We have a junior section at Rugby Golf Club and are currently  offering beginners classes. We will also be taking golf opportunities into schools.

In the summer we hold evening classes. There are junior competitions and junior fixtures at Rugby Golf Club  (see Junior Section). All teachers will have safeguarding qualifications.

We also have a range of affordable junior and post junior(  intermediate-up to age 35)  or flexible  memberships at Rugby Golf Club- so again,  why not  take up golf at the Leam Valley driving range,  play with a member  or as a visitor?. You will be surprised how quickly you can learn to play and compete. If you are a parent, guardian, grandparent or you are the junior who wants to know more, please fill in the form below.


Senior Men

 There are many reasons why men might wish to turn to golf later in life, perhaps: other family members or friends already play; it's an attractive healthy  alternative to other forms of exercise or sport enjoyed previously but which they no longer play; orit's a good time to start a new one because more time has opened up

We invite senior men who are interested in learning to play golf to sign up via the form below. 



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