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From time to time we receive testimonials from members and we also welcome suggestions for improvements which we respoind to and try to make wheren we can. Here are a few of the posiitve comments our Director of Membership and Marketing has received over the last two years with a few constructive suggestions, to which we have responded, as well :

12 March 2019

Hi Adrian

“RGC is a great traditional golf club, very welcoming and there’s a willingness from all to make you feel part of it immediately. It is forward thinking, new ideas for golf nights and inclusive social events that add to the great atmosphere in the clubhouse. The course although short makes you think about risk and reward on every shot and is always in great condition. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first year and look forward to even better times at RGC”

Best wishes,

Phil Ash

13 March 2019

Hi Adrian

IGood things about Rugby Golf Club:

I really like the course it is stunning in the summer; the greens are great after playing on other courses you appreciate how good Rugby’s are. 

I like the fact you don’t need to book tee times. 

Dave and the lads in the pro shop are helpful. 

I must say the men in the club house have always been polite and helpful, as are the bar staff. 

I am looking forward to trying to improve my golf and trying to get involved a bit more this year. 


I think the club should perhaps have a named person to explain how everything works as I am a novice and totally new to golf. ie: stablefords (still don’t know how the competition works), when women’s competitions are on and what happens on the weekends in mornings. 

An info sheet would have been good do’s and don’ts ie no golf trolleys on patio etc. Sometimes little things mean a lot. 

 I know events are on the website but when you are a novice and do not know any the jargon it’s difficult to understand how things work. 

Kind regards

Beverley Lee- Everton 

13 March 2019

Hi Adrian

I am now about to start my second year as a member of the club.

I have had good year with the club offers everything and more friendly, amazingly course nice club house with excellent social events.

Well worth being a member.

Craig Randle 

Thank you, Craig.

Hi Adrian 

It is good to be back and I’m enjoying the course again. 

In my opinion several improvements could be made particularly around the club house regarding catering, this is an area that Lutterworth do particularly well to the point that members / families go to the club to eat without regardless of golfing or not - this of course has a positive impact to revenue. 

Dress code - Rugby GC has always had a tradition of holding the values of the game however recently there have been members playing in black jeans and black socks with shorts - for me all jeans should be banned. 

All of that said it is good to be back and both Charlie and I are enjoying it. 



Hi Adrian,

After recently re-joining the Club, following a 10-year absence, I’d like say just how much improvement I have seen at the Club since I left all those years ago. 

Sometimes when gradual improvements are taking place over a period, it is difficult to notice the change that has taken place. However, what I have seen since returning; after not revisiting the club since 2008, is a dramatic transformation in ALL areas - improvements in the course (both the condition and the layout), the clubhouse, the management, the administration, and finally, the communication.

In fact, the only thing that hasn’t changed are some of the faces (maybe with a few more wrinkles to match mine) and the friendly welcomes that I’ve received from the members since re-joining!

Congratulations to all involved. I’m looking forward too many more happy days both on the course and in the clubhouse.


Clyde Brown

Hi Adrian

I was worried that joining a club i would get bored of playing the same course and the members would be clicky, but its been a great experience, everyone is very welcoming, and the social scene is excellent, best golfing investment to date.

Best wishes,

James Robinson

Hi Adrian.

I am so glad I joined Rugby Golf Club. Everyone is very friendly and sociable. 

Just got my handicap, so I'm really happy!

Pam Ingham

I joined RGC three years ago when I finished full time work. Read more

Ian Durham


We joined RGC because it is a nice, local course less than half a mile from our home.I had heard a lot of really good reports about the club and the friendly social side in the clubhouse. I joined with my daughter, Jess, and wanted to spend time with her playing a sport we both love. Read More

Kevin McGhee

I joined Rugby Golf Club mainly because they accommodate working women and were really friendly when I turned up unannounced to enquire about membership. One of the committee members took me out in a buggy to view the course and introduce me to other members that we met en route. Someone always thinks to give me a call if there's something going on, either socially or a fun competition. I can't often play during the week but there's always someone available to play at the weekend.
I like that men and women have equal standing on the course which isn't the case at every club.
I would definitely recommend the club to others especially people who work, the 7 day flexi-membership is good value for money and allows you to play at anytime.

Marie Ward

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