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If you suspect one of your party has had a cardiac arrest there is no time to waste! Key actions to take are:

1. Call for help to attract others. Ring 112

 2. Start CPR- 30 pushes to two breaths and keep going

 3. Get someone to ring one of our emergency numbers to get the defibrillator or if practical go and get it or if a groundsman and vehicle are nearby seek their help..Get the defibrillator to the scene as quickly as you can. The defibrillator is in a cabinet by the entrance to the lounge. Time is limited

4. Keep CPR going but listen to the defibrillator's voice instructions. It will tell you when to keep going with CPR and when to use the defibrillator

5. Keep going and do not pause until paramedics arrive- if needs be take turns at CPR

Several members and staff recently had a morning's defibrillator training. The defibrillator itself comes with voice instructions and is intended for use by anyone trained or not. It is in a cabinet in the foyer adjacent to the entrance to the lounge/bar.


Siren- One long note= abandon play at once; two short notes= safe to resume; three consecutive notes = play abndoned altogether

If thunder and lightning are about stay clear of wooden or metallic shelters, stand away from your trolley or buggy and don't use an umbrella. Exit the course by walking up the middle of fairways well away from trees fences and gates or crouch low in the nearest bunker. Do not use your mobile phone.

More generally look at the website and the facebook page where course closure or course safety notices will be published


We all know the places where we have to watch out or give way e.g 3rd/13th 11th/18th  ; where we need to walk out of the way of oncoming drives 14th and where we need to be sure to shout 'fore right ' e.g 9th, but visitors may not. If we all work together our course is safe but vigilance and guidance for others is important.

Emergency Numbers

01788575134 Pro Shop

01788544637 Bar

01788542306 Secretary

 Emergency - Ring 112 or 999 NB 112 is quicker from a mobile

Please programme these numbers into your phone contacts and take it with you on to the course if you can- it could be a life saver for someone

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